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Olivia Barrett

Summoning a wave of modern nostalgia, Olivia’s masterful fiddle playing flows seamlessly between the old and the new, breathing life into traditional tunes through the rhythms of contemporary folk. Elegant, playful, and precise, Olivia’s music is defined by her gift for crafting new melodies from the threads of the traditions of Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia. 


Based in Victoria BC, Olivia's playing has become known for its elegance and fluidity, and has brought her to stages across Canada, the US, and Europe, with recent performances at Celtic Connections and Milwaukee Irish Fest. 


Olivia's debut solo album, Elsewhere (September 2024), gracefully blends her own enchanting melodies with the sounds of her favourite traditional tunes. Drawing on a lifetime's obsession with Irish traditional music, Elsewhere weaves Olivia's fiddle with accordion, guitar, and harp in tunes that journey effortlessly from the delicate to the driving.

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